How Aymie went from breaking point to breaking seven figures

As a woman, you may have felt this too (I certainly have).

The feeling that we are never enough.

I hope that Aymie’s story will lovingly show you just how much this belief could be holding you back in your business.

When Aymie joined the Boldheart Business program, she was feeling desperate. She was working ALL the time (14 hour days, 7 days a week) with no time off.

Deep in her heart, she wanted to get to a million in her business, but she was at breaking point already. She couldn’t see how it would happen.

When she was working, she felt bad that she wasn’t with her family, and when she was with her family, she felt bad that she wasn’t working.

The feeling of “not enough,” the one we’ve all felt at some point, was everywhere. She felt like a bad mother, wife, friend, you name it.

She hit a breaking point. She knew she needed to get more support on her team, more systems in place, all so she could grow while getting her life back. And with those systems and team in place, she finally got to 7 figures!

Here’s how she did it…and if you relate with Aymie’s story, you’ll see how you can, too:

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What Aymie didn’t realize was how much her mindset was holding her captive. Increasing her self-confidence and self-worth has allowed her to set strong boundaries, which has played a huge role in getting her life back.

She now takes vacations with her husband, never misses school events and she took a whole month off with her kids last summer.

As she has been stepping out of the day-to-day of her business, Aymie’s revenue has also increased dramatically. This is something she never would have imagined just over a year ago when she joined us.

Her 14-hour work days are behind her, and her business is largely running itself because of the systems and team she has put in place.

And the icing on the cake…

She just made her very first million.

Sweet friend, I want you to know that I see you. I see how hard you’re working in your business. Maybe you’re at a breaking point too, just like Aymie was.

You don’t have to do this alone. Let’s talk (watch my video invitation here).

If you see yourself in Aymie’s story, reach out so we can chat. My team and I are here to fully support you with both the business strategy and the mindset to get you where you need to go.

Miracles happen,

P.S. There is a recipe that predictably and successfully gets you to either 10K a month consistently or from overwhelmed at six figures to seven figures with your life back.

Like Aymie says in the video, it’s so simple. You just have to follow the recipe.

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