How Carol reached a million in sales

Growth in your business is not exactly linear, as many are quick to believe:

Real growth in your business actually goes more like this: 

Plateaus are normal (as in, everybody experiences them) but if you don’t do something to actually get OUT of a plateau, you can stay stuck there forever. 

If I could only tell you just how many self-employed women don’t realize this, and come to me saying something like the following, with despair in their voice:

“Fabienne, I’m about to throw in the towel. I’m not sure I can do this anymore. I’ve been at this same level for years. It’s not happening fast enough and I’m exhausted, questioning myself, wondering if my business will ever grow or if I’ll ever be able to make good money while also being able to gain my life back. I’m losing faith.”

At some point or another, without proper guidance, you can get stuck at a plateau…sometimes for YEARS.

Today’s story is about Carol, who was at her own Stuck Plateau and, with the right guidance, finally broke through to reach a million in sales in her business. Watch Carol’s story now and get inspired for your own business:

Here’s a little of what she shared with me in a recent conversation:

“I started my travel business while I was still working at IBM with a plan to ultimately leave, and I did very well while I was working it part-time. It was actually incredibly efficient, and I had very good success with group trips. I even laid myself off from IBM a year earlier than I expected. But once I went full time with my business, I got very stuck…business was up and down. I just kind of sat there at the same plateau for three or four years.

Originally I wasn’t actually interested in the Boldheart Business program. I was in another coaching program, specific to the travel industry. But what I didn’t have in that other coaching program was any structure, and I knew that’s exactly what I needed. I needed to build a team, I needed to have systems, I needed to have a plan to get where I wanted to go, and I didn’t have that

And so when you talked about the Boldheart Business program, I was like, ‘That’s it, that’s what I need, I’m doing it.’

When I first started Boldheart, I worked on building a team. I used the Boldheart structure of how to hire people and interview them. I started documenting all the systems. I was laying the groundwork.

Last year, I set some big goals for myself…what I considered stretch goals. I hired a general manager, I hired an assistant, I hired a gal to do part-time projects for me, I hired a social media person. Now I’m in the stages of training them so I can get all the day-to-day tasks off my plate. 

I went to Tahiti, I did a cruise in Portugal, Spain, France, another cruise in Japan, and last month I was in Ireland. In July I hit my best sales numbers from all previous years, and I’ll finish this year at $1.2 million in sales.

Congratulations, Carol! You make us soooooo proud!

I don’t know about you, but personally, I absolutely LOVE seeing self-employed women reach their big financial goals AND take a ton of vacations while doing so.

You see, it’s possible to break through, even if you’ve been feeling stuck. 

What I most want you to take away from today’s story is the absolute necessity of having STRUCTURE when you’re growing your business (no matter what level you’re trying to reach).

This is what we do in the Boldheart Business program (watch our behind-the-scenes video of the program video by clicking here).

When you sign up to be mentored by us, we hold you in a container that’s designed for you to implement the right things, in the right order, done the right way, much faster than you ever would on your own.

There’s never a day, never an hour, where you’re without our loving structure. It is so empowering.

We help you put structures in your business that help you get out of overwhelm and allow you to grow exponentially, just like Carol described in her story.

Admittedly, there are many, many coaches and programs out there. Some of them are great, and some of them are not. But what I know for sure is that without structure, you’ll most likely stay stuck at that plateau you’re likely on.

We do ‘loving structure’ better than anyone out there. Period.

If you’re stuck at a plateau in your business, and you realize that you’re not making it happen on your own, now is the time to reach out to us so we can talk (at no charge). 

We’d love to hear what’s working, what’s not working and where you’d like to be in 24 months. Together we can start mapping out a path to your exponential growth of income, impact, quality of life and how we can help you get there.

Let’s chat here (it’s free).

With love,

P.S. As you heard in Carol’s story, her pathway to success took some time and effort. 

At Boldheart, we don’t pretend to offer an unrealistic magic wand, like some questionable marketers do. What we offer is a realistic view of what it’s going to take to grow your business to $5K a month, $10K a month, or $100K a month…which is why our members get real results that speak for themselves (watch countless video success stories here)

If it’s not working on your own, let’s talk. 

Reach out to one of our strategy coaches for free today. 

We’ve been waiting for you this whole time. <3

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