Jen Hickle from Never Alone Business Services: Success Story – Two years later and she’s tripled her net (and hit 7 figures in revenue)

Jen Hickle, Co-Founder of Never Alone Business Services; Success Story with Boldheart

I believe you are going to love today’s inspiring 7-figure Boldheart story…

I am beyond thrilled to share Jen’s success story with you today. She is so near and dear to sooooo many of us in the program.

As you’ll hear, Jen’s husband wasn’t quite sure about her decision to join the Boldheart Business program a few years ago. (This is often the case, at first, until they read the success stories page and especially after they experience the results.)

It’s understandable. As “the numbers guy” he didn’t quite see how it made sense to join us. Wait until you hear what he has to say about us now (and let it inspire you to join us in the program):

Why was Jen so committed to getting herself to the Boldheart Business program, despite the understandable apprehensions of her otherwise super supportive husband?

She had a stirring in her soul. She knew she was made for more.

At the same time, she was experiencing the all-too-common inner turmoil that holds so many women back

  • She feared visibility.
  • She wondered if she was “good enough.”
  • She didn’t feel worthy of having the incredible life she dreamed of.

(Can you relate to any of these?)

What you’ll hear Jen share in this video is that she found her true self when she found her way to our program.

She discovered a community of people beyond her wildest dreams – people who, at the beginning, loved her more than she loved herself.

And once she saw herself in the same way as her fellow Boldies saw her…as infinitely capable and deserving, then her business flourished.

She learned the tools for authentic business growth that aren’t available anywhere else. And she thrived because of this.

Her husband? He’s thrilled with what he sees on paper today. He loves that his wife now has a 7-figure business.

He’s quit his J.O.B. and works fully in their growing business. They have a gorgeous new home.

And he thanks Jen regularly. Because he acknowledges that he wouldn’t have taken the risk without her going first.

So, sweet friend.

What’s this stirring in your soul?

Are you also ready to deny the smallness and agree that you are here for more?

If so, I want you to reach out and apply for a call with one of our coaches. Today.

You aren’t meant to go it alone. You need a community that calls you up to your next level of impact by seeing you in the light of the truth of who you really are. We all do.

We are Boldhearts. We are in this together.

And together? We are unstoppable.

Much love,

P.S. As Jen said so succinctly… “If I can do it, you can too.”

You. Can.

We can help. Apply for your call today.

Let’s talk about your business as it is today, what your big dreams are (the ones you can’t tell anyone else or they may judge you) and let’s see what’s getting in the way. Then, let’s map out a plan and explore what it would be like to join the program.

We’ll answer all your questions and help you find a way to afford it easily.

Either way, let’s chat now.

Here’s where you book that free strategy call.

Can’t wait!

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