YES! Neta’s sales increased 32%, working less

I believe you will be so inspired by Neta’s story, especially if you are feeling stuck,  or don’t know how to reach your next level. 

Click the video below to hear how Neta got unstuck and raised her sales 32% in one year with us:   

Neta is a longtime solopreneur, used to doing everything herself, but had not been making the kind of money she wanted to. She had a business idea that worked, but only to a point. 

I understood that something had to change, that I need to do things differently, because whatever brought me to where I was a year ago will not get me to the next level.” 

She realized that, to move up exponentially, she would have to get outside help. And that’s when she looked into joining us in the Boldheart Business program. Never having hired a coach, never having joined a mastermind program, there was some initial resistance to making that kind of commitment. 

“My biggest obstacles were to be open to the idea of getting external guidance/advice and that it would work for me.” 

It felt like a big commitment at first. But just a year later, WOW. 

Yes, Neta increased her sales by 32% in just 12 months (talk about a ROI), but what’s most exciting is that she’s on track to multiply her business by 5 times, while working LESS.

Imagine, if you’re 50K a year, that brings you to 250K a year. Not bad at all. 

And if you’re at 100K a year, a 5x growth is half a million dollars a year, without working more.

Does that sound like something you’d like too? You can have it. You too can increase your financial results with our approach. 

We’ve helped tens of thousands of women grow their businesses. We can help you too. Curious? Then stop reading right now and let’s chat this week. Click the link below: 

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It’s likely time for you to get some outside help with your business, and see how things can be different for you. If Neta (and thousands of other women before her) can apply a new method that works, you can too. We’re here to help you have more time and get better results.  

Can’t wait to see you soar,

P.S. As Neta shared in the video, the investment in herself and her business was 100% worth it: 

I didn’t know what was not working. That was why I needed someone from outside. I thought of you as my consultant…like bringing someone in to look at my business and tell me, ‘Here, here, and here you can do things a little differently, to bring the business to the next step.’”

Are you stuck, sweet friend? Would you like to look back a year from now and be in a much better place? Then, the only step to take is to book a chat here so we can hear more about your situation and strategize your next steps. There is no pressure or commitment, just a conversation to get to know you and see if you’re the right fit to grow like Neta is doing. 

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Talk soon. xo

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